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I like the idea of variable levels of statuses. The first time some confusing monster hits you, you get slightly confused. Any action you try to take might have a 25% chance to "misfire". Movement would go a random direction, quaffing a potion might get the wrong potion (or just do nothing, so you can't work around it by only carrying one type of potion), casting a spell gets the wrong spell, or the right spell in a random direction, etc.

Getting hit a second time would increase it to moderately confused, and now you have a 50% chance of misfiring. A third time and it's very confused and a 75% chance of getting things wrong. A fourth hit and your completely confused, with a 90% failure rate (I think a 100% rate would be too hard to ever recover from).

Other statuses would also scale appropriately. Level 1 poison might to 1 point of damage every turns, level 2 does one point per turn, level 3 does 2 points per 3 turns, etc. (yeah, I know, there aren't turns, there are time units, but you get the gist of the idea).

I ideally, you should recover one level at a time, based on how long it's been since each hit, but that might be too fiddly to track.

In general, level 1 of a status should be weaker than the current implementation, since we'd expect in most cases the player might get hit with more levels, which could make things worse than things currently get.

I also think we should have more levels of resistances. Currently, you're fire resistance, fire immune, or not resistant at all (well, there's also vulnerable). Unless things have changed since I last played much, having 3 items that give resistance to an attack type does no more than just having one. Hmmm, I seem to recall that having a resistance from an item did stack with resistance from a potion, is that still the case? (it's been a while since I played much, and there have been changes...)

Maybe resistances from multiple items should stack? One level of resistance would give less protection than it currently does, two would be about the same as one (or more) is now, three would be a little better, four even better and so on. But there should be a taper as you add more levels. So 7 levels is better than 6, but not as much of an improvement as 5 levels is over 4.

This gives the player more choices to make about what gear to wear. Instead of just checking all the boxes, hes got to decide if he wants to (for example) go with just level 1 for fire and also level 1 for nether, or skip the nether and get level 2 for fire.
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