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While I'm working on it, another couple of things for consideration:
  1. Currently there are messages when a player status effect increases, for example "You feel even more berserk!". My feeling is that these messages are misleading; what is actually happening is that the timer has increased, but the effect is exactly the same. Should these all just be scrapped?
  2. Some effects, notably haste, have a cap on how much the timer can be extended - so if already hasted, quaffing another !Speed will only get the player 5 extra turns. For many others, though, there is no cap, so for example a paladin or priest in town can cast Bless and PfE until their mana runs out, rest, and repeat until they have enough for their entire next dive. Personally, I think the latter situation is ridiculous and all effects should be capped, but that's just me. Opinions?
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