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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Those work just fine as keymaps; I use ones just like those all the time.

Literally the only thing macros do differently than keymaps is macros can be accepted any time the game is prompting you for input, such as when you're in the middle of a menu or there's a -more- prompt pending. As such, macros leave you open to lethal errors. For example, say there's a -more- prompt when you hit your "m1a*5" macro. The "m" in the macro clears the prompt, then you send 1, and walk southwest...into LOS of the Tarrasque, Vecna, Azriel, etc. and die horribly.

Whereas a keymap in the same situation wouldn't activate. If you hit "m" you'd just clear the -more- prompt and nothing else would happen.
Ahh, I feel stupid now, I was under the assumption keymaps were 1-to-1 mappings between "underlying"/roguelike/original keys. And yeah, that "1 walks you southwest" thing actually happened to me a lot (not with Tarrasque around, thankfully).

Thank you very much for that detailed explanation, I'll play around with keymaps and see if I still miss any functions (likely not).
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