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The most important thing to know when diving, with respect to the "don't die" thing, is that you will need to use escapes often to avoid death, and you need to use them as little as possible (because most escapes are either unreliable or finite, and using unreliable escapes gets you killed and using finite escapes forces you to use unreliable ones). This means predicting situations that could force you to escape, and avoiding them (use detection for this, which is part of why mages are so good for diving, they have the most powerful detection, and have far better SP and reliability than rogues). Another reason mages are very good is that they come with unreliable escapes built in, and are one of few classes that eventually have reliable renewable escapes. Stealth is useful, if you have enough of it you effectively neutralize the majority of enemies, and if you don't, you earn yourself a lot of time and safe-ish paths. Still, detection is more important.

Lastly, the best way to learn to dive is by diving. And by diving I mean "take the first down stair you find on each level unless there is an interesting object literally in your field of view. Don't fight anything unless you know you can kill it easily *and* it provides either enough xp to level up, or a worthwhile object, or you can't afford to run away. Do this until you die. Figure out what killed you and why (the answer is likely "poor monster memory and/or insufficient detection", but often it will just be "a perfectly reasonable risk goes bad", like sneaking past a monster with high stealth, but it wakes up anyway). If you are a mage, there should never be an actual reason for you to stop diving before dlvl 99, since full detection is just that powerful. Other classes have points where they want stuff like detection or escapes before going further (note that not having them doesn't mean you can't go deeper, it just means it becomes more dangerous than sticking around).
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