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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
I kind of think no. To me rings of digging are a small quality of life improvement for when you have nothing better for the ring slot, and the main means of digging should be a digging tool. That's actually part of what's behind this - encouraging players to use a digging tool instead of their weapon.

What do others think?
Sounds like a tweak to be exploited without actually benefiting the game-play.

I actually preferred the old "Auxiliary Weapon" field in the Equipment list. I would usually stack that with my preferred digger so I could easily switch between combat and digging mode.

I'm leary of automation to the inventory/equipment list as it can easily creep to other equipment as in the example mentioned. A large part of the game is having to make those choices as to what to equip vs. what's lurking around in my pack "just in case". Sometimes you forget to use the better device... that's part of the experience and how we get better.
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