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- I think sticky curses are present only on very few items (like Morgoth's crown)
- I'm not sure what you mean by "modifier that remains unclear and the description doesnt mention it at all". You need to identify the runes of the items (resists, slays, etc). If you don't know all runes, the description tells you that you don't know everything about the item.
- Rings of the mouse have damage penalty which hurts melee characters. However they are the perfect early rings for mages. I think they can come with max 4 stealth bonus.
- Level feelings are based on the dungeon level. So if you dive fast and have crappy equipment a level with lower number can still improve your gear a lot. But also high level feelings can mean a deep dungeon book which you can't use (if you have selling on, it can be sold at least).
- You can compare ranged weapons by examining basic ammo. You can do it even if you are in the dungeon. Hit '~' (or Enter/Information/Check knowledge), then hit 'h' (Display content of general store) and finally 'l' (lowercase L) and the letter for the ammo to be inspected. This shows you the damage/round done by basic ammo. If you switch launchers you can repeat this for all of them and can compare the numbers. If you are playing weak characters (mages), also take the weight of the launcher into account. Crossbows are heavy, it's easy to end up with speed penalty if you carry one.
- Full monster memory is available by copying lib/gamaedata/monster.txt into lib/user/lore.txt

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