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Looking for Survival Advice (Angband 4.1.3 Mage)

Looking for advice with my current character, as I have had very few get this far, and I would like to make my best attempt at not dying. Ladder is here for reference:

Been trying to gauge setup based on Fizzix's LP run, and trying to learn strategies from there. Finally picking up on the importance of Teleport Other and Detection spells seems to me the reason I've gotten this far.

For reference, the only other characters I've ever had get past Dungeon level 30 were 2 other mages, one gnome who died at Level 38 to a dread and one half-elf that died at Level 50 to a Winged Horror (It breathes. You die. I didn't know it could do that!) That mage mostly had two Rings of Escaping to his name and nothing else, as I didn't realize I should be moving on to higher damage spells and should be picking easy high experience targets to keep me going up in experience.

The other two were a dwarf warrior who died on DL 58 (It breathes, you die. Turned out to be Shelob, Spider of Darkness, I remember it clearly because I never saw her.) and a Hobbit Ranger who made it to DL 63 at level 29, which seems fast. A drolem, don't remember how, but I can take a guess.

Anyways, with what I have, can I just keep spamming detection and plunging deeper into the dungeon? Or would I be ill-advised to do so? Any other tips with what I have on hand at this point?
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