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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Wow, Unangband actually looks pretty cool. Why is there "no race and class choice", though?
Also, what's the deal with __attribute__ ((fallthrough))? Was that your idea? (I think it's only supported in gcc 7, so I had to remove -Werror from the makefile to compile).
Thank you! I'm glad you like it. I wish I had played Zangband before working on this, then I would've made a few very different design choices. I'm correcting for them now.

I removed race and class just to reduce the playtest scope for me. The choices were overwhelming, but I'm confident to put them back now along with their stats. I'm renaming the "new game" option to "quick start". I didn't like the 2d4 and 18/40 D&D-style stats, but I do like the Zangband-style clean average stats. So I'm returning the screens and make them easier to read Z-style.

Those explicit fallthroughs were GCC 7 warnings, but I think they are convenient. I might've fixed one code bug while conservatively checking and adding them. I wanted to remove all kinds of warnings, so I can easily spot any mistakes I'd make in the code and fix anything that could overflow. Unangband crashed occasionally and I didn't experience that with my version anymore. But I should've removed the -g -Werror flags before releasing. I should probably suppress all warnings for release.

Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
edit: Also, ncurses frontend seems utterly broken. The colors are wrong, and when I quit the game, strange things happen in the emulator (xterm). I guess it doesn't restore the terminal to canonical mode (or cooked mode? something like that). ncurses is bad, though, so maybe just remove it?
I accidentally broke it. The X11 and win32 interface day and night colors were broken and the night lightning didn't make any sense at all, so I optimized colors and nights for these interfaces. Meanwhile I forgot to check the GCU interface. I usually play variants in GCU, so it's on my "important" fix list.

I tried to add unicode symbols for some terrain and monsters using char32_t, where unicode fits in a single char or single array element for convenience. But I had a lot of trouble with integrating it and unicode icons are very incomplete on my system. 95% of the useful animal icons are missing. So I might drop this idea.

Other ideas are just to fix GCU, optimize for its 16 colors and have better sound support for all interfaces. X11 still supports tiles here, so I could construct a Dawnlike tileset with minor edits to use for both X11 and win32. I think the current tiles use too harsh bright colors, don't fit seemlessly together and are not very eligible when made small. I like both ascii and tiles, but I'm not a fan of the original tiles. 1000 terrain features and 1000 monsters is a lot for tiles though.

Maybe I should put some effort into fixing the win32 menus or use default terminals like Zangband does. I didn't care for multiple terminals until Zangband defaulted with them and showed me how convenient they are. Unfortunately the "display monsters" terminal can't replace my own integrated "display surroundings" yet. Maybe I should expand the "display monster" terminal in favor of my integrated sidebar, since terminals are more dynamic and are the standard in angband variants probably for a good reason. Not single-window integrated UI elements like GCU and Sangband SDL, although I'm used to single-window integration because most other games I play do that.
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