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Originally Posted by Gothmog View Post
And one last thing, can someone please explain how the damn dive system works I can never tell what weapon is good or not I just judge if they are good by name which is obviously not a good Idea, I typically use spears or a longsword of bastard sword if I can find them
Takes a fair bit of getting used to the game to work out which weapon is best where/against what/etc. For outright simplest all-round good: 3 str +finesse, 3lb longsword, kite shield or 1d4 round shield, high melee/evasion. Any slay (gondolin, doriath etc.) is worth keeping in the pack till inventory constraints make you drop it. Just swap to the slay weapons for specific fights then back to long sword.

As taptap says specifics in the manual & you can watch the rolls window. I find it easier to try weapons & get a feel, though I do get how the no.s work which does help.

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