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Originally Posted by bio_hazard View Post
Cool- Angband worked (via Firefox on OSX if it matters). It feels a little slower than normal but not too horrible. I'll have to figure out the commands- tried to quit and ended up closing out my whole browser lol.

Definitely excited to try Pos- I haven't played yet because of the whole osx thing.
The angband process is actually running on the remote server so there will be latency depending on your connection (the server is in Europe). This means it will be straightforward to add spectating facilities.

Although now I think about it if angband were compiled directly into wasm one could serve up binaries to be run on the client and then open a socket to the server to share the output between users, which would alleviate the cpu load on the server. It would not be quite as secure against cheating but that probably isn't a huge concern. I might try that at some point, but this works for now and I need to build interfaces for the site anyway.

And yeah, making it easy to try new variants without hunting them down and compiling them was a big motivation behind doing this. The setup process for each variant is slightly different though. I'll start adding more in one by one, Sil is a high priority but it's particularly difficult to work with and will need me to make a few changes to the code to get the directory/save file handling more in line with other variants.

It would be nice to eventually get the entire angband plus repository compiled and available to play.

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