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One slight issue with the borg - when I first go to it, the sidebar doesn't show (or sometimes shows partially and with some other stuff in it), then after a while it appears and is all good after that.
Yeah, it happens when spectating any game and I know why. When things happen on the screen in angband, it only modifies the characters which have changed, and when you spectate you're getting updates, but not the set of characters that are leftover which the player can see. I tried caching outputs but that slowed things down considerably. Then I tried using a hack and sending the player a single command to hit ^R when a spectator connected - but the libraries I'm using for the terminal emulator aren't very well documented and I'm not sure how to send it escape sequences and although angband will recognise the characters ^R as a refresh screen command it could be disruptive to a player or the borg. I'm pondering how best to solve it. I might just have been caching frames badly.

Next is working on an inline chat (the borg might get an alice style chatbot), recording games and providing links to character/screen dumps etc.
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