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If you also include the option to pre-generate levels, then competitions can be even more level.

With regard to uniques. I think one option we might want to consider is to alter monster summons so that the pool of monsters also includes monsters on other levels. So you could pull a unique from another floor. This sort of makes sense intuitively. Also, it prevents "summon ringwraiths" from being equivalent to "summon greater undead"

You could even consider altering all summons like this, so that monsters that get summoned get summoned from nearby floors. Monsters that get destructed get placed on floors 1-5 levels below, etc. That would take more work.

Another option is to allow uniques (specifically) to be able to "use" staircases. Let's be honest, certain uniques are designed to show up constantly and annoy you until you devote the resources to kill them. Adunaphel and Saruman are prime examples. The game would lose a little bit if Adunaphel was stuck on the floor forever once you descended past her. If she followed you down after 100 turns or so, and spawned somewhere on the level, or on the staircase, that would be interesting.
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