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own spell list

Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Ahh, the fabled "game designer" job, where you supply ideas and let other people do the unpleasant work of implementing them. Sadly, game development tends to be a "bring your own implementation" situation; everyone has more ideas than they can implement themselves, so they have little interest in working on other peoples' ideas as well. Indeed, the primary reward that Nick gets for being the Vanilla maintainer is that he gets to implement his own ideas into the game...the primary penalty for being the Vanilla maintainer is everyone shouting their own ideas at him whenever he releases something.

On the plus side, Nick's also been working hard to make it easier for people to create new spells and effects by just modifying the data files, which at least means you don't have to recompile the game to test your new creations. In other words, I recommend trying to implement your own spell list and see how well it works. Publish your results here and you may well get other people to try it out as well.
Good idea Derakon. Is that ok with you Nick?

I would setup an 'Wizard' class with actually even more than 9 books.

Wizards found that there is an arcane aura within every physical thing. Long studies enabled them to control these arcane side of everything by their intellect alone. So intelligence is the primary stat of Wizards. They are usually physical weak and fragile persons, relying on their mind instead. Using melee combat is despised and considered under their dignity. A wizard following the arcane arts
searches his own way and prefers to rely on his wits. But do not underestimate them, they know that sometimes force alone can
overcome foes they measure their strength with. They shun the shadow magic which too often comes with foul intentions, and they
will never understand natures power of healing. But if they found light or nature spells effects too usefull to be ignored they usually
found a way to offer them entrance into their grimoires.

+ ranger and rogue like spells are left out
+ no healing
+ variete of different strong / mana cost attack spells
+ no death / shadow magic
+ mana and elemental attacks
+ support / utility spells that thematically also fit into light / nature may eventually be included

I will start with an update of the 'new mage' section in class.txt in the /lib/gamedata folder. If there is anything else required to be done please anyone with the knowledge let me know. Thanks!
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