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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
Should mages keep their dmagae boost with attack wands?
I don't think the damage is the issue. Wands never seem to blow. You can fit more charges in a pack full of wands then you have mana, so it's like fighting with unlimited mana. Your going to recharge it at the end why not casually use annihilition on the grey mushroom patch?

I guess there's a choice here. CPB has devices that recharge but just about everything else does more damage. Anything powerful enough for the serpent is rare & will be around 50% fail on something with a low device skill. It also takes actual mana to fast recharge rather then 4 sps. The old V the top wands blew if you used them on fluff. High damage, limited resource.

So what do we have currently? Spell competive damage for 0 sps, unlimited resource, cheap to recharge. Why bother being a swordsman or mage in a world of guns and heavy artillery?

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