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I quite like the new recharge that doesn't blow up wands, though I agree it's probably overpowered. As a alternative suggestion for a fix, how about making recharge give only 1 charge to a wand per cast, up to a maximum of (number of wands in stack)*(some function of magic device and wand level)? Then if you go into a fight with 3 wands of annihilation with, say, a total of 6 charges, you can freely use it 6 times, but after that have to recharge after every use, so that it loses 50% efficiency until the fight is over.

With the current setup, staves of Banishment, Speed and Magi should probably be removed, as they seem too powerful with access to the recharge spell. Perhaps replace them with stacks of corresponding scrolls/potions instead. (I've only tried it with rogue, and not with a mage.) Alternatively, increase the blow-up-when-recharged probability for staves. This would be a bit annoying for Magic Mapping, Teleportation and the like, though.
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