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OK, new builds for Windows and macOS up on the build page, source is here. Changes are:
  • Update to include all changes to 4.1 master
  • Fix by fizzix to stop occasional level generation crashes
  • Allow high level spellcasters a saving throw against single combat
  • Randomise the landing a bit for dimension door into vaults
  • Make monsters more likely to notice item theft the heavier the item is

I still intend to remove sharp weapon and glove penalties; I'll probably keep blessing of weapons, and give priests and paladins some sort of slight advantage for using a blessed weapon. I also want to nerf shield bashes a bit, and make them available to classes other than blackguards.

Please remind me about other bugs that are unfixed (I haven't checked kaypy's read minds bug yet) and balance issues that remain outstanding. I'm aiming to get this to an OK state so that it can be pulled into master once 4.1.3 is released, and I can get on with player races, artifacts and monsters. How hard can it be?
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