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Angband 4.1.3

Angband 4.1.3 is now available for Windows and macOS and as source (zipfile or tarball); rephial should be updated before too long. This is intended as the final 4.1.x release, containing bugfixes and minor improvements over 4.1.2 as detailed below. Please play and enjoy.

My intention now is to incorporate the feature/magic branch into master and work towards 4.2.

  • Passable rubble tiles distinguished from regular rubble
  • Details of different summon types moved to a data file
  • Tweaks to some potions and scrolls
  • Minor improvements to monster lore
  • Reduction in frequency of traps and greater vaults
  • Show if monsters are hasted and slowed when targeting

  • Correct weapon damage and blows information
  • Fix several minor ID and knowledge bugs
  • Correct some spelling errors in text files
  • Check bounds properly in targeting, preventing the game hanging
  • Fix some interesting room descriptions which were causing disconnected levels
  • Small adjustments to object structures
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