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Originally Posted by spara View Post
Small stuff. The name of the Ring of Teleportation is revealed too early. On wearing an unknown ring @ sees that the ring grants +2 speed and has some unknown powers. Conveniently the name of the ring (Ring of Teleportation) helps @ to guess at least one of the unknown powers.
This one's arguable. A player who knows what kinds of items are possible in the game is going to know that any ring that grants a speed bonus, but does not make the wearer afraid, and has one other rune, can only be a Ring of Teleportation, because no other rings have that combination of properties. So it's obvious (if you know the item list and are willing to do basic deductions) as soon as you put it on.

So on the one hand, the game is spoiling players by revealing things that they might not know about yet. On the other hand, the game is saving players from having to tediously note down things that they can easily discover themselves once they have enough experience with the game. Do we optimize for the first time the player plays the game, when they don't know that Rings of Teleportation are a thing? Or do we optimize for every succeeding playthrough? In general I feel it's better for a roguelike to optimize for the repeat plays.
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