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Could we have the .save file in a format which is easy to read.

Currently the .save file is a mess . It is just a data file through which it's impossible to know, what if anything is wrong.

~/games/angband-t4nk074/lib/save$ file Shirish 
Shirish: data
$ cat Shirish 
SaveVNLAdescriptionShirish, dead (Quitting)xxxrng�K�����&�ޕPzd'�̸�"l*IӶ7���,`��0�չ	��H�����k���?�]xݧ5 �5W�Sam�G"
                                                                                                                     &�n�T&��w���}	H����tc��W&��EUD<G�x`�Qл�)���G�A�s�ԲǶ܋d���X�-options���(nonerogue_like_commandsuse_soundshow_damageuse_old_targetpickup_alwayspickup_invenshow_flavorsshow_targethighlight_playerdisturb
Wouldn't it be nice/better to have the save game as a .json or some readable file format. It would make it easier to understand what sort of info. the save file has and you can at least try to understand what went wrong if you want for analysis.

Right now, don't think there's a way to do that unless there is some specialized tool that can read that stuff .

Having it in some sort of json, xml format would make things lot more simpler and also extensible if need be.

There is possibility I may be missing something obvious, if it is, would be glad to be pointed out.

I am willing to test and give feedback if anybody is prepared to do something like that.
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