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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Having a human-readable file format would be preferable, all else being equal, to the current binary format. Human-readable files are easier to debug, inspect, and of course modify. But someone would have to implement it.

shirish: if your goal is modifying the save file, a lot of common operations (like editing stats, experience level, and equipment) can be done via the debug commands. I'm not aware of good documentation for them, but this portion of a Let's Play has a few examples.
Cheating is a good side effect but for me, it is more of how to retain character information and progress before death. From what I recall of my playthrough several years ago, it is/was easy to die i.e. permadeath.

The save file as it is hard for me to know what level I am, what quests are there (if there are any) , my armor and various bits of information. Having such information is and would be gold in an easy to read manner.

It might also tell if there are any 'secrets' in any room I am or are left or something like that.

It would make it also easier for people to share save files and exchange info. (copy and paste) rather than having to write each and everything.

I do hope it makes sense.
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