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Originally Posted by luneya View Post
Weapon weights have never been a measure of real-world weight, but rather of how awkward an object is to carry.
You say that, and that may well have been the original game designers' intent, but I can pretty much guarantee you that the majority of players that have given any thought to weapon weight have looked at our weapon weights and thought "WTF, a longsword doesn't weigh 10 pounds". It's misleading to use a unit of weight to measure encumbrance. If you wanted to rewrite things so that values were given in some artificial "unit of encumbrance" then you could keep the "weights" the way they are now...but you're only shifting the focus to other unrealistic ways we handle limiting what the player can carry.

Basically I see reducing weapon weights as a strict improvement to the system: it fixes one glaring misfeature without requiring substantial work or touching anything else. About the worst you can say about it is it makes the game slightly easier by letting the player carry more swap weapons, but if you're worried about that, tweaking carrying capacity is easy enough.
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