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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
Well, define "code" and "data". Is stuff like dice "data"? It's an expression, with operands and operators, variables even... If dice is ok, why not conditionals? (as proposed) Why not loops? Then you'll end up with a full blown programming language. And if that's the intention you'd better using some ready made one. Like Lua... or, indeed, C.
lol this talk remind to me debates about old webdesign subject. In old times a lot of people get used to create website with simple HTML. Such websites could have hundreds of unrelated .html documents. So if you would need change one tiny thingy in your website design - you had to apply changes to all this hundreds files.

After a while new CSS technology appeared, which gave possibility to put all design to separate sheet file, so to changes something @ website, you had to change it only at one place, not in hundreds pages.

BUT. Loads of people was against CSS at the beggining. They get used to HTML, they didn't want to learn new technology (CSS is kinda 'language'). And they argued at forums and tried to prove that websites should be created only with HTML and do not need CSS (lets use 'frames' they said lol). Than this story repeated when CMS with databases appeared. A lot of 'old' folk didn't want to move forward in technological way and liked how it was in old times.

This is the same story. Angband moved forward a lot and put it's config out of the code, so now it's easy and comfortable to work with it. But as always, there are some folk who do not like 'new ways' and want to put all stuff back But time would pass and as in old times, they would understand and accept it
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