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Originally Posted by t4nk View Post
It was a PM for a reason. You can also reply using a PM.
No thank you, sir, I do not want to answer on your insults via PM or in any other way of correspondence. Let's just leave this tiny unpleasantness behind and do not repeat it again.


Back to gamedata customization.. Some new stuff were added @ trac, such as 'Make hunger a timed effect'. It could look tiny thing, but actually it would bring huge possibilities to make hunger system more flexible. New objects (eg RNG food items which could be sometimes bad and sometings good), curses, traps, types of attacks.. It's quite revolutionary to food managment system Huge thanks to devs that they approved this!

Next question (or /rfe) is about DoT (damage per time) type of damage. I wonder, is it possible to assign such effect to monsters and player attacks or to the objects? So it would work like 'poison', but would be different type, eg give possibility to add 'burning' or damaging curse effect?
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