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It's high time I make some kind of contribution to Angband and since the current weapon system has bothered me for a couple of years now I'd like to take a stab at overhauling it (as a proposal).

Now, when I say I'd like to work on this problem, I don't mean I'm offering my coding services to fix it, but rather, I'll make a comprehensive post with all the weapons' weights improved and a detailed description of how each weapon performs with various STR/DEX combinations so that if someone who can code thinks my changes are useful they can easily just use my data and go in and make the necessary changes to the code without the burden of rebalancing the whole system (something I hope to achieve).

I'll be working on this problem bearing this thread's discussion in mind: my main goals will be to try to solve the problems of weak characters wielding heavy weapons early on and light weapons being useful deep into the dungeon. And making weapon weights closer to realism.

The overall effect of this overhaul should be that the weapons are much more interesting to the player; and that finding and using weapons should be more fun. This should be the case, regardless of the fact that the weapons will be more logical/realistic.

There's a good chance I'll fail and give up, but I think it's worth a shot, and since I'm unemployed right now, will be a fun challenge.

My first question: how much STR/DEX are currently required to achieve max blows with fists?
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