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Where/how do I find "player-calcs.c"? (on a lark, I downloaded MinGW in the hopes that this might be how I find "player-calcs.c", but I'm pretty mystified on how/what I'm supposed to do after running setup, I tried to follow the directions as best I could:

Get MinGW and MSYS here: ​
Try using the automated installer.
Click through the installer, accepting the defaults until you get to "Choose components".
Tick the "MingGW Make" entry.
Enter the shell for your environment (in the case of MinGW, this is the Windows command prompt) and get into the src/ directory of the game.
Run make -f Add " MINGW=yes" to the end of that iff you're using MinGW.
So the "shell for my environment" is simply the windows run thingy? What does "src/ directory" mean? Is that the angband folder? or something else? When I type into the windows 10 run command: "c:\angband-4.1.3\make -f MINGW=yes" I get the "Windows cannot find 'C:\Angband-4.1.3\make' message. Is MinGW supposed to make a 'make.exe' file?


Well, I don't intend on making all the weapons equally good; and at some level I will aim to preserve the good/bad weapon balance that already exists in the current system (although hopefully not in the current less than optimized way). There probably will still be some junk weapons (awl-pike might still be the ultimate bad weight to dice ratio weapon; just as I hope to keep the katana as the best dice to weight weapon). Incidentally, why have I never found a 4d5 or 5d5 katana? It seems, aside from the standart katana, I never find memorable randart katanas, or ego katanas; or memorable katanas period. Is there something in the code that prevents them from being buffed because of their good dice to weight ratio?
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