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As a by-the-way, I'm introducing a new 1 lb weapon in the next release. Throwing Axes are being deprecated in favour of Hand Axes: a 5d1 1 lb weapon (so 5d2 with Str 1). This is a little on the weaker side, but with Power becomes quite reasonable. I had already removed damage side bonuses on rings and gloves to tone down Smithing a little.

There are quite a few new things in my development release. For Melee lovers, I think I have a more interesting and elegant skill to replace Anticipate; Smite lets you roll maximum damage on your first attack of the turn when you're wielding a two handed weapon, at the cost of taking an additional turn to recover (i.e. your opponents get to move twice when you attack). The high damage overwhelms armour and kills quickly, but being committed for an extra turn comes with some danger.
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