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I'm on Win7 64bit, but those saves were from the server, I don't know what OS it runs. Anyway, now that I'm playing locally things are working better so far, some stuff:

* keymap "m1a" on numrow 2 causes pressing j (roguelike keyset) to move sw instead of s
* colouring text in recall/inspection screens would help with gleaning information quickly
* I'm playing a dunadan mage (wizardry) and I was quite confused about my first two summon spells wizard eye and unseen servant summoning invisible monsters - I thought it was a bug until I just rechecked at a higher level with SInv. Perhaps summons should always be visible?
* various dragonfly recalls say "may breathe when at full health" but they can breath at any HP
* firing in a direction seems bugged: specifically when firing NW, NE and SW, it fires off at the wrong angle
* some ball spells (minor acid ball) seem to hit the first monster on the path, rather than landing where you target them

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