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Originally Posted by Sparrow the Dunadan View Post
Yeah, it had some monsters in the vault. But the two sides I've opened seemed really tame. Nothing I couldn't handle. I got Foragsil, some nice armor, and an ego bow with arrows of wounding, so it was easy thus far. Recalled up to town to sell off my loot, and going to dive back down to get this rest. (Persistent levels makes that possible, thankfully. Sometimes playing without it on makes it hassle to pick and choose what loot to take.)
At shallow depths, you'll sometimes find vaults that are all but unguarded. Once you get deeper, vaults will tend to have hordes of nasty uniques along with the juicy treasure. So whenever you find a level with a vault, it's worth walking in that direction, but make sure that you fire up your best detection before you crack it open, or you won't live to tell about it.
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