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Originally Posted by eastwind View Post
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I was able to successfully hex edit a save file for a game that might have been Angband, or Moria, or something else.

One of the things I recall was that the save file had a checksum built into it, so that if you edited a single value you needed to recalculate the checksum and modify that as well or the loader would puke on you. But I don't know if that was Angband or if that feature is still present.
Both Angband and UMoria had that feature. Most Angbands probably still do - but it was lost from V with a rewrite of the savefile code maybe around 3.2.

And even then the hex value stored at the magic offset didn't make any sense. Until *finally* I twigged to the fact that the game had been written in Basic, and all the values were stored as floating point, because that's how numbers got represented internally in Basic. *And* of course the floating point values were stored byte-swapped (aka little endian).
That definitely wasn't Angband
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