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This is a valid critique. IMO, NPP gets it right by providing all the necessaries at a higher premium via shop services. The one exception being ?WoR and ?phase are not guaranteed, which hopefully will be fixed in the newly arriving version.

I presume the reason for denying the player guaranteed necessities is to force him/her to try and make do without - providing interesting tactical challenges - how can a warrior survive without _telSelf? how can a mage survive with severely drained int? &c. These kinds of challenges sound interesting on paper, but I've never actually found them to be so in practice. OTOH it is fun to read Eddie's blurbs about making it down to 3500' with a (+0,+2) whip and a pile of iron spikes...

So I townscum, which is the lesser of two evils in my book. But takkaria will be revisiting town-stocking in 3.1.1 (I think) so perhaps matters will improve (though I doubt to the point where townscumming will be rendered completely unnecessary to people like me).
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