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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Really, I think buying out stores is not a bad solution. It's just annoying to do, as things stand now. And there's usually no other use for all that gold that gets stacked up in a game.
I agree on this point. The solution in Eddie's patch of having a command that buys out the store without laboriously moving the contents it to your inventory is something that ought to be adopted. If the Maintainer (peace be upon his name) is loath to implement NPP's store services, this would be a good half-measure.

Although it seems in 3.1 that healing, *healing* and *remove curse* and other endgame consumables are less frequent at the black market than has been previous. But maybe that's just because I recently got to a point in the game where I was in dire need of such things, which hasn't regularly been the case.
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