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i totally forgot abou _dEvil and _dInvis doh!

?remove curse, with the new changes in the id system, doesn't really seem that vital to me, i've actually have to use it once yet... (maybe i just got lucky)

i see how ?recharge can be very useful with powerful staves/wands, but my main point was in having items that you consistently and often need always available, this doesn't seem like the case

my argument with !rStat is that in most cases i find myself scumming for them, since reduced stats have a huge impact on my chars performance - having them always available simply reduces the annoyance factor

i agree with the 4th book being useful only later on, i was suggesting it probably out of "cosmetic" (lacking a better term) reasons more than anything else - having the first three and not the fourth always there seems kinda wrong

regarding the others, it's probably my playstyle that is lacking something, as i see that almost everyone is using !Hero et al. , while i almost never use them.

EDIT: regarding store buyout, if i'm correct it's an option only available in the later stages of the game, when you have loads of cash - but most items are necessary early on ...
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