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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
There's been ongoing discussion about directions for some time now. Let's get some data.
That's a very difficult question. I would vote for Frog-knows if it had current vanilla macros and better targeting. However it has severely worse UI than current vanilla has.

2.8.3 is the one I remember playing a lot. Once played game thru with one sitting playing that. But it doesn't have some of the more interesting vaults for example.

2.9.x is pretty much same as 2.8.3, I don't recall what prompted the version change.

Was it resistance scheme change? Chaos -> Nether being most destructive? No more confusion prevention from Chaos? I hated that.

3.0.x is where JLE changes came in. That made game easier. I enjoyed some of the monsters, but didn't like the new items that much (except the few improved amulets, though at the long run Trickery has proven to be too powerful)

3.1 squelch. I like.

3.2 -> 3.3 ID by use, gain one lose one potions, lots of tweaks in rarities. Not yet what I hope it should be. Easiest versions this far.

So, every version has something improved, but also something that did go wrong. I think I vote for 2.8.3. It isn't perfect, but there is nothing really wrong in it either.
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