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Originally Posted by nppangband View Post
Just curious about the unstable part. Why would it be unstable? So far everything has worked great in NPP.
Maybe "unstable" was the wrong word to use. The latest NPP tileset I posted was that of a WIP. I know, at the very least, the town graphics were mis-assigned. I spent most of today merging the old (as of yesterday) NPP tileset into the new UT32. I'm about 90% done. I just have to finish remapping the graf-dvg.prf. Then Vanilla and NPP will be as one (tileset). In the meantime the latest offering at is still 'a little funky' and will remain so until tomorrow (a pre-12-29 version is still avail, will probably work OK, but posting all this would have been a little long winded). Don't fret, I'm all over this. NPP will be made whole tomorrow, less the tiles that haven't been drawn yet... but it's on very solid footing... and once it's done finishing the Z+ and Ironband tilesets (and probably few others) will be a snap.
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