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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
I wonder if Nomad and others will be interested. Especially if you do the work of creating a "master index" of which tiles are for which variants, it may be easier for others to slowly add variant support.
The system I'm using right now is simply keeping each variants tiles in its own 'layer', and then merging the layers together to create the bmp, png, whatever. I use so the default WIP file type is a pdn document, but I think (never tried) that it can produce PhotoShop (psd) documents with the proper plug-in.

Currently the Vanilla layer contains only the (condensed) Gervais tileset and the NPP layer only contains the additional NPP tiles. I plan to continue this practice when adding additional variants although there's no harm (just extra work) in duplicating shared tiles in multiple layers.

Once UT32 grows sufficiently adding variants will be a simple matter of mapping the existing tiles rather than drawing and adding new ones.
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