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Originally Posted by Magnate View Post
This is an excellent idea - I've created a new ticket for it, so it should be in 3.4. I've downloaded it and had a look, and although I'm far from a tileset guru I think I can offer some feedback. First, am I right in thinking that the bmp and mask files are not required for V? Just the png file, right?
Not sure. I don't play much V and always have both (png and bmp) present, so I don't know which it uses. Both are identical.

Second, I'm afraid there are a couple of issues with the graf-dvg.prf file:

- it still has the tildes (~) for pluralization, which V no longer uses.
- it doesn't have the different lighting levels for terrain (please see lib/pref/graf-dvg.prf in the nightlies to see what I mean)
The tildes are in commented out lines. They don't affect the performance of the file. They could be removed for cosmetic reasons, but I'm not inclined to do it (at least not right now).

It does have the different lighting levels for the tile that use alternate tiles depending upon lighting levels, the floor, walls, and quartz/magma veins. Doors, etc don't use alternate tiles, if they did, they would display (both now and prior to the change) incorrectly in darkened conditions.

Also, can I confirm there are no changes need to the xtra-dvg flvr-dvg files?
That's correct. Only the terrains were touched. Some moved, most deleted. All objects and monsters are entirely untouched.

I did changed the file header slightly (graf-dvg.prf). You might want to compare the new to the old and make sure it I didn't make any licensing/attribution deletion faux pas.

I did test it with 3.2 (some dev version I guess, because it informed me of all OoD monsters and items at level generation, which was kinda neat) and everything seemed to display perfectly.

I encourage Vanilla players who do use 32x32 tiles to download this, give it a try and report back. Don't expect anything new though. What I'm shooting for is that the new tileset and the old look and display exactly the same. I would test it extensively myself, but I've got other fish to fry right now. UT32-Vanilla is just the first piece of a bigger puzzle.
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