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Originally Posted by Blue Baron View Post
Anyways, I'll go ahead and change the feature locations in the pref file for 3.4, but you should be aware of the above for the future.
I figured I was missing something .

Thanks BB. I was entirely unaware of the changes, though I do remember some talk of moving toward names rather than index numbers. Could you send me a copy of the 'translated' graf-dvg.prf when you're done with it, or just let me know when it hosted in the official release and I'll grab a whole 'new' Vanilla package.

Also, the windows PNG support was added in 3.3, so angband doesn't use BMP files anymore.
Good to know.

Lastly, in the mixed tileset I assembled for my personal copy of Z+ there are shaded doors on top of the walls, if you want to use them.
It would be trivial to reshade them myself, and then map them (I suppose), and then get the updated .prf back into the Vanilla repo.
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