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New version of v4

So, humbled by the speed with which Derakon implemented his combat changes, here is the "better late than never" update to v4, which addresses most of the issues that they created. It's version b6e5231, available from the usual place.

I say most, because I'm afraid missile combat is still broken. Now that the rest of this stuff is working, it's the top priority, but given how much development has slowed down recently, I thought it would be worth getting this version out rather than holding it all up while fizzix and I argue about spreadsheets.

So, what's changed:

- Slays and brands are now pvals. This is a big change, with lots of little consequences:
- MAX_PVALS is now 15
- only one pval (the highest) is shown after the object's name - 'I'nspect it to see the others (or use the character sheet to check stats)
- slays and brands are significantly less powerful than they were before - typically they add ~50% damage rather than 200%.
- random slays and brands (on ego items and randarts) now stack with repeated applications (+195% is the highest I have seen on randarts during testing)

- Critical hits now add one extra damage die per level of critical, so they are much less powerful than they were before - but they are now uncapped, so you could end up with a lot of extra dice.

- Hafted weapons will no longer get the BLESSED flag (it's pointless in its current form)

- Randart generation should now be a bit quicker

- Enchant weapon scrolls have been renamed, and now add 1d10 points of finesse or prowess if they work (limit 200 instead of 20)

There's quite a lot of change under the hood, but that's the basics in a nutshell. I could have introduced a number of buglets, especially around learning about object flags or monster flags, so please report any anomalies.

There are also likely to be balance issues remaining from the combat changes - but we can work on these properly (for melee) now that slays and criticals are updated. All views appreciated.

I hope we'll fix missile combat any month now.
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