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Originally Posted by Old Coach View Post
Thanks for this work! Since ranged is still broken, trying a warrior. The difficulty level seems about right at the beginning. 1st level dwarven warrior cannot just wade in and go toe to toe at low levels. Warrior has to be somewhat careful, which is good. Died to Fang, who was right below stairs down to DL1 (iron man game)... as it should be. However, by character level 5, warrior seems to smoke anything from lvls 1-5 without effort. Going to try and get a little deeper and stress out the new combat system a bit more.

Thanks again! Game feels great, and with Shockbolt's new graphics, it has a completely different mood.
Excellent - thanks for the feedback, and glad it feels ok so far. With the changes to melee combat and slays, we're quite a long way from V now, so please don't be surprised if at some point during the game the balance seems to be quite a way off (i.e. you steamroller everything, or you can't kill anything). The item generation will need tweaking to ensure that weapons are appropriately powerful for their depth now. One example that springs to mind is that the slays on HA and Gondolin weapons will now be much weaker, rendering those weapons much less desirable than un-themed random affixes. This will get fixed in the round of tweaks immediately after the archery changes.

(Also, the dice on certain weapons will need changing to be more consistent with the new combat and crit system.)
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