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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Perhaps the player could have equipment slots for "edge", "pommel", etc.? And those could be upgraded piecemeal. That way you'd have a meaningful equipment screen and more flexibility for the player.
What objects would count as "edge" or "pommel"?

I am worried that the lack of an equipment game will prove troublesome ... That's why I initially suggested the "reanimation" mechanic (i.e. reforging). But, I personally might like the absorption/grind approach just fine

To spice things up, each time you evolve you lose some of your essences in order to maintain a new, more powerful form. So yeah, you might want to store certain objects for the end. But probably, you will need to absorb everything you find anyway just to cover resists. And perhaps disenchantment is something to be avoided? (Fade evil laughter ...)
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