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A small Death-Sword only release (1.0.30) has been pushed here:

[1] FA/SI only require 1 essence.
[2] Tengu and Death-Sword reward is Dagger of Westernesse
[3] High Resistances require 2 or even 3 essences rather than 1.
[4] Stormbringer is not cursed for Death-Swords.
[5] Death-Sword innate Hold Life wasn't working. Fixed.
[6] Death-Scythe blows reduced from 4 to 3. (I figure they will get +1 blow from Extra Blows essences).
[7] Player no longer displayed as "Cursed"
[8] Death-Swords may now increase their light radius.
[9] Wild and Order weapons no longer grant Slaying essences.
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