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Military archery build (no stealth, no listen) is solid enough to propose as proper build. Wildkhaine pulled this off in record time and without the morale effects - but I suggest it is easier with them especially since crippling shot and longbows got nerfed.

Weaponsmith, versatility, a little evasion at start with a balanced stat distribution (e.g. 2/4/4/4). Forge a 2lb longbow and arrows at the first forge. Take Elbereth and Sprinting early and build up your archery and perception (concentration, optionally keen senses). Get crippling shot, majesty (requires 9 will) and lots of light (affects morale for some and allows you to aim from some tiles away) - add majesty staffs for overkill. Soon most enemies will flee after you get the first hit on them - which is very useful given you stand no chance in melee against say greater werewolves, but are strong enough to clean up the worm masses you wake up given your lack of stealth. Elbereth and Sprinting are crucial for early survival and remain useful throughout. Possible with or without more smithing. Don't waste too much arrows on flaming arrows as you are much more dependent on arrows than hunter (stealth+archery) builds who can go into complete avoidance mode for a while. Keep a swap bow even if you finally change to shortbow - this helps you saving arrows because you don't need flaming arrows on everything that is resisting critical hits. If you have the strength a good 3lb longbow might be better even for the throne room. Song of Sharpness helps in late game to shoot grotesques and larger serpents, as an archer you are always in a good position to kill dragons (with fire resist, free action and clarity) whenever you can get enough distance on them.

(I just don't know how to do the throne room with this.)

P.S. Now, I do. It can work.

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