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Originally Posted by mrrstark View Post
Why 1lb? Why shortsword? How do lighter weapon weights help?
Critical hits require beating the opponents evasion roll by 7 + weapon weight -1 for finesse -2 for subtlety when one handed (= no shield / no two-weapon fighting). So a subtle / one handed 1lb shortsword gives you critical hits for every 5 points you beat them, a 2lb sword for every 6 points.

For bows it is the same just you only get -1 for precision and there is no equivalent for subtlety.

Weight matters a lot in Sil. And I particularly love that in Sil a well balanced sword forged in the first forge can be your weapon of choice from start to end - no need to power up through an endless succession of +2 to +5 to +11 to +16 weapons as it seems to happen in other roguelikes (Angband?).

I tend / used to die a lot early, especially with my light weapon, subtlety attempts (that is why I started to value flexibility and more early game strength), flanking is great regardless, you can do it with a bastard sword just as well. The no-stealth archer (Egrent on the ladder), however, went all the way to 950ft. in the first attempt and is still alive and kicking (and has the highest archery skill I ever had).

I learned a lot from watching debo, clouded and wildkhaine play (the only people who published games) - how you use the char you have is probably more important than the specific build. That's so great about Sil: there are many viable ideas, including some not envisioned by the creators.
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