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Hi, I'm the Neoband maintainer. Somehow I didn't notice this thread until today, sorry!

Originally Posted by mrrstark View Post
I took a quick look, and couldn't find anything in the readme or online help (?) about Neoband's features and modifications. It's also not listed in the variants list on Is there any webpage or summary somewhere?
Yeah, none of it's documented at the moment (because I have lots of other stuff to do, and documentation isn't as fun as code changes). I'll have to add some docs eventually though.

The main changes are the 5 new bookless caster classes. There are:
- Assassins (kind of like rogues, have powers relating to poison and other nasty things)
- Avatars (holy rollers with buff spells, and some powerful attacks later on)
- Pyromancers (fire wizards, self explanatory)
- Reapers (warriors with some magic powers, also get some HP/SP from killing monsters)
- Sappers (have mostly offensive spells that deal constant damage)

There's also a new race (Aquilans, eagle-people who have intrinsic RCold and feather falling); several new kinds of Orc; increased item density; and very much increased monster density.

Plans for future development include
- Reducing the depth of the dungeon
- Adding even more weird classes
- Adding more monsters, items, artifacts...
- Possibly replacing the stat gain mechanic

I may also experiment with increasing difficulty by turn count, as well as by level (c.f. Nick's thread of interesting proposals).
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