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Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
Also, I know about repeat via 'n' not working for bookless powers. That's a design flaw; the bookless code is terrible (and all my attempts to rewrite it have been even worse).

Ideally I'd reimplement all the bookless stuff using the magic API, such as it is, which would allow use of the repeat key. I would have done that in the beginning too; but I couldn't figure out the API at the time and still couldn't figure it out later, which is why it's all done from scratch using printed menus and whatnot.

In case you can't tell, I'm not a programmer by profession...
Don't feel too bad. Programming is terrible. It can also be awesome, but IME you have to seek out the awesome things yourself. They won't just fall in your lap.

Originally Posted by Therem Harth View Post
Anyway I'm interested in hearing some feedback on Neoband. Particularly what things people hated about it (so that I can fix them).
Can't say that I've tried it . Unfortunately too busy IRL ATM. That also means that the ToME C++/UI work is at a standstill, unfortunately.

EDIT: Oh, and, btw, you're doing pretty well for a non-professional programmer. I've seen much worse from professional programmers.
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