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I'm playing a HE rouge at the moment and yes they have exceptional searching but after playing the game so long it almost become intuitive when looking for places to search for the hidden doors. I constantly keep detect traps, doors, stairs overlapped to ensure that I don't miss any rooms but for non-mages I do full searches with some tactically placed scrolls or staffs (depending on which I have) to ensure that the larger blank spaces in the full north, south, east, west dungeon margins are not hidden rooms or even buried vaults. Rods of detection (of any kind) are always kept or supplemented with a corresponding scroll or staff if possible. Also, I assure you that I'm not a superstitious person, I agree with you that there is no suck thing as "luck", but after playing A LOT games that RNG has a significant say so in the game experience I tend to fall on the losing side of the numbers. PEN over CRIT everyday.
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