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I've assembled a new version. Besides a newly introduced image for cloaks, this version features signs for shop entrances. I always had troubles to memorize the 1-8 shop numbers, and the visual clues help me a lot:

Click for full size.

For Windows users, there is a precompiled executable included. Also two starting batch files, "start_small.bat" and "start_large.bat" which choose a smaller or larger font, and therefore start with a smaller or larger window.


Sources and images are included as well. I did some changes to main-sdl.c and I think it should compile for Linux, too, but I had no chance to test that yet (try Makefile.isov-sdl for the SDL based code).

Thanks, d_m, for testing the compile on Linux, and the report about the problem in main-sdl.c!

Known bugs and problems:

If you find a new problem, please let me know. Particularly misconfigured images.
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