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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Another possibility to specifically solve the necromancer's problem would be a mid/high-level necromancer spell that removes the +light effect from your equipment.
This is actually what I was thinking as I was reading the above comments, except why make it mid/high level? Why not change the "Create Darkness" spell and instead make it "Remove Light"? Darkness is just the absence of light, anyways, so you're not creating it as much as removing existing illumination. Make it a ball spell that, if it detonates in a bright room, darkens the room, and if it detonates on items, it removes their +light property. Added benefit of not having to enter or linger at the entrance to bright rooms... darken from a distance.

Pretty much everything resists dark anyways, so it's damage is pretty much a moot point, but it has the thematic use of "Create Darkness" but makes more sense (IMHO).
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