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Set up for Morgy now. Over 1000 HP and 471 dmg vs evil weapon (with 3 more DEX points it would reach about 500) and presumably enough healing. Still holes in sound and nether resistance. Carcharoth, Huan and probably Kronos are in no-fight list at the moment. Tarrasque wont have a flipping chance to get me use a single consumable unless he breaths disint every other turn. Feagwath has such a big spell list that I would be surprised if he will ever get the chance of manastorming more than once.

EDIT: Now several hours later this ironman dwarf is 99,5% won already. Should just dive to Sauron now. He won't be able to kill me no matter what. That 0,5% chance of death is reserved for Morgy fight. Next update is either win post or the most-embarrassing-YASD-in-my-life-counting-all-roguelike-games-ever post.

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