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Very nice. I like that you have two sources of mana restore activation and 40 potions of restore mana. You sure are playing it safe! I woulda gotten it done already. :P

If you find a really good long bow or xbow are you going to swap it out for your current bow? If you find one I'd probably drop the RoS <+11> and keep the better bow as a swap for pelting Morgy and/or sauron: it'd be nice to put those HM bolts/arrows to good use with an equally good box/xbow.

Even though you have an excess of resources to win the game, never be too confident as misjudgments can happen at anytime and letting your guard down and getting double shotted can as well. But, yah, with your kit and 27 base speed, seems hubris is the only thing that can bring you down now.
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